10 Fun Facts About I’m Not Her

Thanks to author Janet Gurtler for stopping by to share 10 fun facts about her new novel, I’m Not Her, which was released on May 1.

10 Fun Facts About I’m Not Her

  1. In a hospital scene in I’m Not Her one of the nurses is named Tracey and she takes Kristina’s flowers home to her daughter, Carly.  Tracey is the name of my sister, Carly is her daughter in real life.
  2. Every single one of my books has a character named Carly in it. This is a tribute to my niece, Carly. The characters are not based on her per se, but there has to be a Carly in my books. Like a superstition or good luck charm or something.
  3. This book is dedicated to my sister Tracey.  I was able to keep it a secret until Final Page Proofs came in.
  4. My niece Ciara plays volleyball and her nickname is CEE. She got recruited by a university in the States and is playing there. None of the volleyball players in the book were based on her though. She is a cool like a rock star.
  5. I thought Clark Trent was a funny name because of Superman’s secret identity. The Superman cape Clark wears in a scene cracked me up.
  6. I named a couple of the teachers in I’m Not Her after dogs I’ve had.  Peppsy (Mr. Pepson) and Meeko (Mr. Meekers)
  7. In a scene Tess listens to Hedly on her iPod. I LOVE Jacob, the lead singer for the band. He was on the only season of Canadian Idol I watched.
  8. I named the golf course that Nick works at and Tess’s Dad plays at after my husband. Largurt (Larry Gurtler)
  9. I’m Not Her was originally called The Weight of Bones, but when I first started writing it I titled it Dance Big Sister.
  10. Tess’s love of the Discovery Channel and Myth Busters were inspired by my son

8 Responses to "10 Fun Facts About I’m Not Her"

  • I love when authors tell us how they came up with character names & places. Especially when they are this personal! I always wonder that when I am reading.

    1 Ginger @ GReads! said this (May 5, 2011 at 8:40 AM)

  • Wait! I just saw youre countdown to BEA!! 16 days!!!

    Is there any cool book blogger meet ups that authors are allowed to go to??? I’m on my own and looking for friends. 🙂

    2 Janet Gurtle said this (May 5, 2011 at 9:32 AM)

  • I loved these fun facts (and the book:) Thanks for sharing them!

    4 Deb Marshall said this (May 8, 2011 at 10:35 AM)

  • I really loved the book I’m not her, it brought me to tears and i thought it was a good ending.

    5 Katrina said this (July 7, 2011 at 1:39 AM)

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