Acknowledgments and Accolades (1)

I am an odd reader. I always look at the acknowledgments and blurbs before beginning a book. I don’t depend on blurbs when purchasing because I understand the politics involved, and I certainly don’t base my buying decisions on acknowledgments. However, I love reading them once I have a book in hand. They can tell me a lot about the work and the author, certainly, but I also simply enjoy the tight, succinct prose of many blurbs and acknowledgments sections. I decided to start collecting my favorite finds in a weekly “Acknowledgments and Accolades” post. If you happen to share this unusual interest, feel free to leave your own favorites or a link to your A&A post in the comments.

I Know It’s Over by C.K. Kelly Martin

Found on The Lighter Side of Life and Death

“This full-throttle novel totally nails teenage romance. No chirpy political sentiments here, just the emotionally and physically seismic events that leave permanent scars.”–The Denver Post

Gossip of the Starlings by Nina de Gramont

Found on Every Little Thing in the World

“Nina de Gramont has written a stunning story of youth at its zenith and the tragic allure of a reckless zest for life that masks something far darker. I inhaled this novel in one breath.”–Jacquelyn Mitchard

You Can’t Get There From Here by Gayle Forman


“Sean Smith pushed me to go deeper and then pushed aside his own deadlines to groom the final draft like a monkey looking for fleas.”


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