Acknowledgments and Accolades (3)

Acknowledgments and Accolades is a new weekly post in which I share my favorite quotes from blurbs or acknowledgments for the week. I have an unusual obsession with the way large emotions like gratitude and admiration can be expressed in such succinct prose, so I always read the blurbs and acknowledgments sections first. If you happen to share this unusual interest, feel free to post your favorites in the comments or on your own post and leave me the link.

Here are my favorite finds for this week:

Waiting For You by Susane Colasanti

Found on Take Me There

Chick lit for girls who think.”–Kirkus Reviews

Colasanti has a knack of sustaining the heart-pounding suspense of young love for the length of a novel while managing to make it read, charmingly, like a conversation.”–The Philadelphia Inquirer

Sea by Heidi R. Kling

“Sea is a richly woven story as turbulent and beautiful as the sea itself, pluging us head-long into the depths of loss, devasation, compassion,and hope. A touching and romantic debut about the redemptive power of altruism and the heart’s capacity for love.”–Sarah Ockler


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