Author Chats: Eve’s Fan Garden

Eve’s Fan Garden is a wonderful resource for communicating with authors online. They have some really great upcoming chats, and even offer a reminder service by email. (It will send out a reminder 1 day, three hours, 1 hour, or 15 minutes before–you pick.)

I’m planning to attend a chat tonight with the authors of Beautiful Creatures, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. There’s a chat with Maggie Stiefvater on April 7th, which I’m looking forward to quite a bit. On April 13th, they are hosting a chat with Lauren Oliver, author of Before I Fall, which I am on a wait list for at the library. Doubt I will get it in time for that chat, but will probably attend anyway.

It’s worth keeping an eye out on the site to see what they have coming up. I attended a chat about a month ago with Gayle Forman, author of If I Stay and Sisters in Sanity, and it was small and well moderated. The moderators allowed everybody to have the opportunity to ask good questions, kept the pacing reasonable, and ensured that it was not bogged down by spam/trolls/obnoxiousness. The site hosts were pleasant and welcoming when I joined in; I’m very shy, so that was greatly appreciated. In case you cannot make it to any of the chats, the site also allows you to “replay” chats, meaning that you can read through them after they are completed.

In addition to these author chats, Eve’s Fan Garden has a book club, blogs, forum, and some other interesting things to check out. Please support them and peruse when you get a chance!


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