Author Toibin Sees Novel Surviving New Technology

Everywhere around me these days I see people on cell phones, typing away at BlackBerries and laptops, immersed in a world of technology. One can’t help but wonder if it’s possible to get away from it all to sit down and just write in solitude.

Irish author Colm Toibin can barely use a cell phone, and still writes his books the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper. In this article from Reuters, Toibin argues that technology like the Kindle and iPad will not fundamentally alter the way novels are written. However, he recognizes the importance of the Internet for finding people with similar interests, having found a community of people more tolerant of his homosexuality online than he found in his hometown. In this sense, Toibin’s novels have changed, reflecting themes of “gay solidarity” instead of “gay loneliness.”

I’m curious to hear whether others agree or disagree with Toibin. Do you see new technologies changing the way authors write?


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