Book Jackets: An Endangered Art

This article from CNN celebrates some famous book jackets, discusses the significance of cover art, and questions what we will lose as books are digitized: Book Jackets. For those interested in more on this subject, the CNN article references a slightly older piece from the NYT: In E-Book Era, You Can’t Even Judge a Cover.

Both articles got me thinking about my favorite cover images. I have giclees of Keith Parkinson’s art for Terry Goodkind’s books Wizard’s First Rule and Soul of the Fire hanging on my bedroom walls. These are probably two of my favorite pieces. They are gorgeous landscapes that highlight the beauty of nature and the human spirit, reminding me of the values behind Goodkind’s books.

What’s your favorite cover art? What significance do the images have for you?

Quotable Quotes from “Book Jackets: An Endangered Art

“You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a book cover. And the best of them become as vital a part of a book as the sentences on the bound pages.”

“You might not read a book a second time, but its jacket wrapped around it, sitting in your home, is a reminder of certain things: what you were going through as you first held it, who in the world was important to you, how the words on those pages made you feel.”


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