Books to go With Your Favorite TV Shows

Mercury News released a list of book suggestions matched to television interests: “For those feeling conflicted about all that time in front of the tube, or for those who want more of a good thing, here’s a way to nourish your intellect and your obsession at the same time. Expand your horizons — pick up a book that takes you to a world that is just like your favorite TV show.” For example, fans of Lost are recommended The Stand by Stephen King and Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Among the article’s other paired texts there are some more classics, as well as a few more contemporary titles (though the article could probably use a few more picks for reluctant readers).

I found this article interesting, though, because this is the approach I often take when recommending books to kids who don’t quite know what they want. I find that if I can get a feel for the kinds of stories that captivate them on television, I can make a better guess at what types of books they will like. I’ve been seeing more books and journal publications recently about “reading ladders,” which move kids along a spectrum of related books, which is another valuable approach. However, I would also love to see more suggestions like those in this article, helping kids and adults find books that match their television, movie, video game, and sports interests to books that they might find just as engrossing.

To see the Mercury News staff picks check out Tube tomes: Here are some good books to go with your favorite TV shows.


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