Buyers of E-Readers Like Print Too

A blog post from the Wall Street Journal provided the following statistic: “Kindle owners bought only 37% of their books in the Kindle format and 50% of their books in print, while iPad owners bought 46% of their books in either Apple’s iBookstore or in the Kindle store, which also allows books to be read on the iPad.” The article also talks about Amazon and Apple’s retail strategies and buyer demographics.

I think it’s fascinating that owners of e-readers are still buying that much print media, though, and that is only touching on books, not periodicals. I wonder if people are still buying some of their favorites in print because they want to ensure that they can keep them, even if the electronic file types become obsolete. Or is it a product of publishers withholding electronic versions of new releases? If that is the case, the strategy of getting people to spend more on new releases of hardcovers is more effective than I thought it would be. I am curious to hear from owners of e-readers why they still choose to read so many texts in print, and whether it has more to do with reader preference or digital media availability/longevity.


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