Connelly’s Devils in LA’s Details

I started reading Michael Connelly’s books on a trip to India. I had brought along quite a few novels, but with hours of bus travel each day, I finished them faster than I had anticipated. Many of the people touring with me faced the same dilemma. We began to trade books, rather than discarding them in hotel rooms. I passed around The Psychology of Harry Potter while someone else loaned me a few Harry Bosch stories. It did not take long for me to become captivated by Connelly’s mysteries, but more so, his descriptive writing of the streets of Los Angeles helped me cope with my nostalgia for home. I kept reading his novels when I returned to college in New York, worked at a summer camp in Pennsylvania, and later attended graduate school in North Dakota. I found in Connelly’s books, and in the early episodes of the television show 24, a comfort in the familiarity of the towns and street names with which I had grown up.

The LA Times featured an interesting article about Connelly’s return to Los Angeles to work out the details of his stories. Michael Connelly now lives in Florida, but makes visits to LA to work out plot details, find the right place to bury a body, and keep up with his characters’ neighborhoods. Check out the article for a fascinating look at Connelly’s writing process: Connelly’s devils in LA’s details.


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  • You hit this nail so completely on the head…the way books grab you through the settings. For years I would read the dumbest books imaginable set in Florida. I had been gone from there more years than I had lived there, but the words Royal Poinciana Way could still raise goosebumps. And,the brief time I was away from LA, without realizing it, I read all of Raymond Chandler. I still remember the way he described the distant sounds of the first freeway being built.

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