Day Jobs: Do You Whistle While You Work?

As many regular readers know, I recently moved from CA to NY for a new job. I’m working as a captionist at Cornell University, which basically means that I sit in on classes and type up what people say in order to create transcripts for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. (This is also why I have had way less time to devote to my blog lately, but I’m constantly trying to get myself back on track with my reading and reviewing speed. Bear with me.)

I’m not sure that this is a long-term career path, necessarily, but for now it is a really interesting and enjoyable job, and one that I think is important for providing students equal access to education. The more jobs I try out, the less I feel like I really know what I want my long-term career path to be. This got me wondering what other bloggers and authors have done, and what their dream jobs are. In a quick Twitter poll, here are some first jobs and dream jobs:

Lindsey of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory (@Fiction_Fan)

First Job: Waitress

Dream Job: Editor

Sarah of YA Librarian Tales (@truthuniversaly)

First Job: Shelver at local library

Dream Job: Own a bakery

Carling B (@CarlingB)

First Job: Employee at McDonalds

Dream Job: Mom, Teacher, Nurse, Librarian

Tara of Fiction Folio (@TaraMQ)

First Job: Waitress

Dream Job: Bookstore owner

Shanyn of Chick Loves Lit (@shanynlee)

First Job: Ice Cream Shop

Dream Job: Teen Librarian

Kari of A Good Addiction (@flamingo1325)

First Job: Sketchers Shoe Store

Dream Job: Writer or Medical Examiner

Melissa of YA BookShelf (@YABookShelf)

First Job: Unskilled–fruit farm worker; Skilled–Writing Assistant and Talk Times Leader with ESL students

Dream Job: Online Young Readers/YA Publicist

April of Good Books and Good Wine (@booksandwine)

First Job: Information Desk Attendant

Dream Job: Librarian

Kristian of Not So Bad Lit (@NotSoBadLit)

First Job: Register at KFC

Dream Job: Write a scripted drama or revive Daytime television

Harmony of Harmony’s Radiant Reads (@AMBeaufort)

First Job: Handing out flyers for a jewelry store

Dream Job: Author or Pharmacist

Jessica Love of Forever YA Lit and Jessica Love Writes (@_JessicaLove)

First Job: Sold tickets and university sporting events

Dream Job: Mattress tester

Lauren Baratz-Logsted (@LaurenBaratzL)

First Job: Dunkin Donuts

Dream Job: Mayor of Danbury

Maggie Secara of Rose, With Thorns (@MaggiRos)

First Job: Worked in a store, then wrote for karate magazine

Dream Job: Writer or Singer

Catherine Ryan Hyde (@cryanhyde)

First Job: Doing daily business reports for Avis in NYC

Dream Job: Forest Ranger or Fire Lookout on a secluded mountain top

What’s your day job? What were your first jobs, and if you could do anything what would you do? If you love your job, how did you choose it? I’ve really enjoyed the responses I have gotten so far, and I’d love to see more. Keep ’em coming!


2 Responses to "Day Jobs: Do You Whistle While You Work?"

  • These were so much fun to read – thanks for compiling and posting!

    1 Tara said this (September 10, 2010 at 10:34 AM)

  • My first job was in the parks and recreaction department with the youngsters wading pools. My dream job is to either be a writer/author being able to work from home or be a online editor/proofreader/book reviewer again working from home

    2 Eva said this (May 1, 2011 at 6:42 PM)