Discussion: Traffic (The Good Kind)

It’s a rainy day and I’m about to go to work in what is inevitably going to be horrible traffic. People seem to be extra crazy on the road when it is wet out. So for now, I’d rather think about the good kind of traffic. You know, the kind that gets people to your blog.

We’ve been discussing word of mouth for learning about and promoting blogs, but I would love to talk more about blog traffic in general. I love looking at my Google Analytics. Not because I’m some sort of crazy narcissist who is obsessed with watching the numbers go up, but just because I think it’s really interesting to see how people end up here. Sometimes I also just wonder if anybody is ending up here or if I’m writing to myself, but that’s a different story. Anyway, when I’m perusing my analytics, my main referral site is Twitter. By a landslide. After that, it sort of trickles through blogrolls and mentions from the Speak Loudly campaign. A lot of my keyword traffic seems to be from people searching for quotes. I’m curious how much these things vary from blog to blog. I’d love to hear about what kind of places are bringing you traffic.

What kind of analytics do you use for your blog?

How much of your traffic is direct versus referral sites or keyword searches?

What are your main referral sites? Twitter? Facebook? Other blogs? Memes?

What are some of your most popular key word searches? Have you gotten any really funny or odd ones?


12 Responses to "Discussion: Traffic (The Good Kind)"

  • I get a lot of traffic from twitter, but most of it comes from Blogger. I use Google Analytics too, and I love it. My favorite thing is seeing which search terms people use to get to my blog—mostly it looks like students who are working on book reports! Glad I can help I guess. 🙂

    Sometimes I feel like I’m blogging to myself too, especially when I don’t get many (or any) comments. But it’s cool to see where everyone is reading this from. It’s crazy to think how many people we can be exposed to as bloggers. I have readers across the US and in other countries. How awesome is that?

    1 Tahleen said this (December 1, 2010 at 9:22 AM)

  • This is a funny post to be reading right now, since I JUST installed Google Analytics and about 30 seconds ago I looked at my first report. So, I can’t really say too much about “trends” yet. But I wanted to know what the “Speak Loudly” campaign is. I’ve seen it referred to, but I don’t know anything about it.

    2 Annette said this (December 1, 2010 at 9:54 AM)

  • I have google analytics, site stats, and sitemeter installed on my website.

    My top post right now is the one I did on the penguin putnam warehouse book sale. I’ve gotten over a thousand hits for that post.

    My main traffic comes from search engines, I mean, I get at least 50 hits a day from a search engine, which is nice since before I rarely got those types of hits, when I was on blogger.

    So yay WORDPRESS and SEO!

    Also, I get a lot of hits which are clearly people looking for homework answers.

    3 April (Books&Wine) said this (December 1, 2010 at 10:26 AM)

  • Seeing the people from all the different countries is really cool, too! I don’t look at that often enough, but sometimes I see people from funky little islands and things. Those make me especially happy.

    I get people looking for homework stuff on my posts for classics, but not the contemp stuff so much. Not sure how helpful I am since my posts on those mostly have to do with suicide statistics, but whatever. They can use whatever they want, I guess.

    I switched to WordPress from Blogger within my first month of blogging because my brother told me the SEO is better. I wasn’t on blogger long enough to do a comparison, but it’s good to hear that you’ve seen such a difference April!

    4 Melanie said this (December 1, 2010 at 10:41 AM)

  • I get quite a few hits from keyword searches, as I am reading through the Top 100 children’s books and people are searching for information on them all the time. The top keyword search by far is The Witches by Roald Dahl. I find that very interesting. . .

    5 Amber said this (December 1, 2010 at 12:00 PM)

  • Amber, I’d imagine you get a LOT more homework searches, too. That’s an interesting thing to work on. I probably haven’t read most of the books on that list; I’ll have to check it out.

    6 Melanie said this (December 1, 2010 at 12:31 PM)

  • Sometimes I wonder if I don’t care so much about analytics because I work on a website and my day job is all about that? I try not to think about it too much when it comes to the blog. Though, I know I should!

    Love looking at my Google Analytics though to see how many of my friends’ book blogs refer me. The search terms are fascinating too…though I get a hit from a search at least once a week about an author who I reviewed negatively. Eeek!

    7 Anna said this (December 1, 2010 at 3:50 PM)

  • Annette, you can read about Speak Loudly in this post: http://www.reclusivebibliophile.com/hell-hath-no-fury-like-the-book-community-scorned

    Anna, that’s probably good that you don’t have to go home and focus on analytics, too. I’m sure you also just automatically use a lot of your work knowledge on your blog, anyway.

    I haven’t heard from any authors about negative reviews yet. I know it will happen, and I’ll feel horrible, but what can I do? Have to be honest if I don’t like something, and it’s not like I ever trash the author as a person. I do LOVE when I get emails from authors who are appreciate of reviews.

    8 Melanie said this (December 1, 2010 at 4:41 PM)

  • You and I have already talked about this over some AMAZING Thai food.

    We get a lot of traffic from people seeing other Top Ten Tuesday posts. It’s crazy. Lately we’ve gotten a slew of French people..which is cool! I wonder how they found it! lol

    9 Jamie said this (December 1, 2010 at 5:58 PM)

  • It’s true. But not everybody got to have Thai food with us, so thought I’d open it up for discussion!

    You do get a LOT of French people. I noticed that when I was clicking through the links the other day. It’s pretty awesome, but I feel bad that I can’t exactly comment on their posts 😛

    10 Melanie said this (December 1, 2010 at 6:03 PM)

  • I should probably look at my Google Analytics more than I do. I’m in the same boat as Anna – I work on websites all day so by the time I get home, it’s not top-of-mind to check my own stats. I get a lot of hits off Twitter and In My Mailbox. You have now inspired me to go look now because it’s been a while since I’ve checked… 🙂

    11 Tara said this (December 2, 2010 at 9:53 AM)

  • I haven’t gotten any hilarious word searches yet, which makes me sad because I love reading others’!

    I participate in a few memes, mostly In My Mailbox, Waiting on Wednesday, Book Blogger Hop and the occasional Top Ten Tuesday, when I have something really good to contribute (because that meme ROCKS.)

    I do use analytics, but I don’t check it much. Most of my traffic comes from Twitter, but I also get a reasonable amount from The Story Siren’s website (from IMM) and Goodreads.

    12 Jen said this (December 3, 2010 at 10:53 AM)