Fun Size Reviews: May 8, 2011

I don’t review everything I read for a variety of reasons. There are some books that I’m happy to read and then move on without a lot of reflection. Others are already thoroughly hyped and I don’t feel I have much to contribute. Sometimes I just feel sort of “meh” about a book and it can be hard to write about since there are no strong feelings in either direction. Alternatively, I may just simply have a lot of reviews that need to get written some books fall by the wayside.

However, in order to bridge the gap a bit between what I read and what I review, I thought I’d start throwing in some quick “fun size” reviews. (They are mini-reviews, but we don’t want to hurt their feelings, so we’ll call them fun size.) Like fun size candies, they will hopefully either whet your appetite for more information or let you know that the book is not to your taste.

Felicity for the tween and young teen set. In typical Susane Colasanti fashion, a girl who is smart and a bit new agey follows a boy she loves to New York City even though they have barely spoken. At the same time, she has to deal with the divide between her separated parents and her own uncertainty about what college and the future will hold. This may not be the most realistic of contemps, but it is a light, fun journey of self-discovery that’s easy to breeze through in a few hours. It certainly wins bonus points for its inclusion of NYC cupcakes and coffee shops.

In a futuristic, dystopian Chicago 16 year old Beatrice must make a choice that will determine her future. The society is divided into five factions (Abnegation, Dauntless, Erudite, Amity, and Candor) based on the characteristic most important to them–think houses in Harry Potter. While the teens take an aptitude test to tell them which faction suits them best, it is ultimately up to them to decide which faction they will choose. Once they decide in a Choosing Ceremony, they begin an initiation process. Those who succeed will become members, and those who fail become faction-less. Teens who choose to join factions other than the one in which they grew up may never see their family again. Divergent is fast paced, a bit gory and graphic at times while filled with delightful romantic tension at others, but ultimately very hard to put down. This is the first in a trilogy (why so many trilogies these days, I do not know). It’s not a book I would have picked up had I not read a million glowing reviews, but I’m glad I read it and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.


3 Responses to "Fun Size Reviews: May 8, 2011"

  • That’s such a cute idea! I have the hardest times with either getting through too many books too fast, or just not having a lot to say about something – I love it!

    1 Thinking Cat said this (May 8, 2011 at 5:37 PM)

    • Thanks. I’ve seen a few other blogs do similar things. I think it’s a nice way to deal with having a backlog of reviews that need to be written. I’m hoping this will encourage me to cover more books with less pressure to write something expansive every time!

      2 Melanie said this (May 8, 2011 at 5:39 PM)

  • Great Idea and “Fun SIze” is a great way to call it.

    3 Judy said this (May 9, 2011 at 12:09 AM)