Guest Post: Amy Reed

Amy Reed’s Clean features five teens in rehab for addiction; she was kind enough to stop by for a “this or that” post to help us get to know her character Eva a little better:

EVA is one of the main characters in CLEAN, in rehab for her addiction to pot and pills. She’s an artist, a writer, a misfit.

  • Early bird or night owl: Night owl, definitely. I’m more comfortable in the dark, when everyone’s sleeping, when it’s just me and the silence, when no one’s watching and I can be whoever I want.
  • Introvert or extrovert: Introvert, obviously.
  • Indoors or outdoors: Outdoors. Anything to not be in my father’s house, which feels like a prison, suffocating.
  • Coffee or tea: Coffee! Only wimps and hippies drink tea.
  • Cat person or dog person: Cat. Cats aren’t needy like dogs. They’re independent. Strong. They do everything on their own terms.
  • Order or chaos: Order. This might surprise you. But I have enough chaos in my life already, believe me. Sometimes it’s a relief to have things just make sense.
  • Futuristic fiction or historical fiction: I guess historical fiction. There’s too much technology in the future.
  • Writing in silence or writing with music: Writing with music. Especially loud music. It helps take me away from wherever I am.
  • Bound books or ebooks: Bound books. The less technology, the better.
  • Books as windows or books as mirrors: Good question. I think all great art must be both.

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