Guest Post: Jessica Martinez

Thanks to Jessica Martinez, author of Virtuosity, for stopping by to share what she likes to do when she’s not writing. Check out my review of Virtuosity and the rest of her tour stops with Teen Book Scene.

When I’m not writing…

Oh, man.  I’m dying to make up something really impressive right now.  Something along the lines of I’m planning my next backpacking trip through the Himalayas, or I’m teaching sign language to deaf dolphins. Truthfully, I’m more likely to be watching The Bachelor and eating my bodyweight in dark chocolate, but if you would please picture me doing one of those first two things, I’d be thrilled.

I actually spend most of my time playing with my two little kids, but if they’re asleep and I’m not actually writing (odd—does this even happen? I have no memory of this), I love to run and read and knit.  And one of my favorite hobbies lately is sitting around with my husband and discussing how the rest of the world is insane, but not us.  It’s very gratifying.


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