Guest Post: Michael Northrop

Thank you to Michael Northrop for sharing this guest post as part of the virtual tour for his chilling new book, Trapped. You can check out all the other great tour stops here.

You compare Trapped to The Breakfast Club. Which Breakfast Club character would you have been as a teenager?

I was an unlikely mix of Andrew, the jock played by Emilio Estevez, and Brian, the nerd played by Anthony Michael Hall. I played football and was an all-conference kicker three years in a row. I only applied to one college on my own because I was being recruited for football by several others. I was a lot like Andrew, bragging about his “ride.” Also like Andrew, I prefer my actual name over its common nickname (Andy/Mike) and my first thought if I got detention would be how it would affect my practice schedule and place on the team.

And yet and yet and yet: I was also a gawky nerd with a bad haircut and mortifying clothing choices. My sophomore year I was listed on the team roster, for all the world to see, as 6’1”, 125 pounds. I had an unabashed love of poetry that, had I missed a few more extra points, could easily have gotten me stuffed in a locker. And if I had tried to make an elephant lamp in shop, there is a truly excellent chance that, like Brian’s, mine would not have worked.

If you were to (see through this obvious compromise and) force me to choose between the two, I’d say Andrew. I was obsessive about practicing and kicked 50 field goals almost every day of the year. I’d give myself Christmas day off and then wind up out there anyway, kicking my beat up footballs between two trees.


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