Review: Guyaholic

Ever since V’s mom dumped her with her grandparents, she’s bounced from guy to guy. That is, until a fateful hockey puck lands her in the lap of Sam Almond, who is different from the start. But V makes an irreversible mistake at her graduation party and risks losing Sam forever, spurring her on a crosscountry road trip to visit her mom in hopes of putting two thousand miles between herself, Sam, and the wreckage of that night. With humor and compassion, Carolyn Mackler takes readers on an unforgettable ride of missed exits, misadventures, and the kind of epiphanies that come only when you’re on a route you’ve never taken before.–From Amazon

V (from Vegan Virgin Valentine) is a guyaholic, and like any addict, she uses her addiction to escape from her problems. She jumps from boy to boy, avoiding emotional attachments, and trying to ignore the hurt she feels from her mother’s abandonment.Despite her despicable behavior, one can’t help but sympathize with V, whose primary role model is the epitome of a commitment-phobe.

Carolyn Mackler’s Guyaholic is like a hookup in book form. It goes by quickly, it’s a bit naughty and raunchy, but also fun and flirty. By the time you’re done, if you’re lucky, you’ll have learned a little more about yourself from it. I knew where the book was going early on, but I still enjoyed my time with it. Read this one in the summer to get yourself amped up for some parties and road trips.


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