Heidi Ayarbe: Guest Post and Giveaway

Ever wonder about the oh so glamorous lives of your favorite authors? Heidi Ayarbe stopped by to share what she does when she’s not writing.


When I’m Not Writing

If I were to go into excruciating detail about what I do when I’m not writing, this one post would single-handedly cure all insomniacs worldwide. So, instead of boring everybody to tears, I’ll write, just a little, about what my life is like here in Colombia and what I do when I’m not writing  — which is the majority of my time. (I actually spend most of my time NOT writing).

I get three solid writing days/week  plus two more mornings – giving me about twenty-four hours to actually SIT and WRITE. If I were Stephen King, that’s what I’d do for those twenty-four hours a week.

But I’m not Stephen King and don’t have a wife. LOVE LOVE LOVE my husband. Don’t get me wrong. But there’s something utterly fascinating about the multi-tasking skills of a wife-mother-writer. (Multi-tasking is a fancy word for doing laundry, cleaning, finding Polly Pocket shoes hidden in cushions along with crumbs, unidentifiable food products, and that ink pen that I lost last week … AURGH!)

So, back to the original question: What do I do when I’m not writing?

  1. I play with my daughter – we go to playgrounds, go swimming, play Polly Pockets, dance class, read books, color, draw, do puzzles, go to the library … We play a lot.
  2. I try to find interesting things at the grocery store to put in her lunchbox. (My biggest nemesis is cooking and the kitchen. It’s the most intimidating place for me on the PLANET and I feel quite inept when it comes to the world of cuisine!)
  3. I think about writing.
  4. A lot.
  5. I work at a non-profit bi-lingual institute (The Centro Colombo-Americano) where I do writer’s workshops, am on the board of directors, and work in the library trying to convince people that reading really is important. (The reading average in my city is fewer than 1 book per year. Yep. That low.)
  6. I think about writing.
  7. I try not to panic that my deadline is looming and I’m folding laundry.
  8. Every month we go to an open-air art and live music show down the block – sponsored by the Colombo – and listen to music, talk to friends, enjoy the world of art and music.
  9. We go to lots of concerts and events that take place in the city; our daughter goes with us everywhere. So she’s learned to love jazz music, symphonies, gospel, folk … anything live. (Still haven’t taken her to anything hard rock!)
  10. I do translations.
  11. When music and art groups come from the States through the Embassy and State Department, I get to translate for them, too. Which is REALLY cool. I’ve met documentary filmmakers, jazz artists, singers, Apache dancers and more.
  12. I drink lots of coffee. (Too much, no doubt.)
  13. I think about writing.
  14. I think about how I’m going to dig myself out of the plot hole I’ve created. (Without, of course, cutting my arm off with a dull knife blade. Eww.)
  15. And … when I get those moments of peace and my mind is quiet, I write.

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