Hell Hath No Fury Like the Book Community Scorned

It takes a lot to make me angry, but if you want to see me pissed just ban a book. Hearing about people who try to silence important issues and determine what other people can read makes me want to go on a rampage.

This morning I got on Twitter and saw a tweet from Laurie Halse Anderon about this article. The author, Wesley Scroggins, declares that her book Speak should be classified as soft pornography because it contains rape scenes. I don’t know what kind of sick, ignorant bastard this guy is if he thinks that the rape of a teenage girl is pornographic. If that excites you, I hope you’re not the one making decisions about our educational system. Speak is a book about a girl named Melinda who is raped the summer before 9th grade. She doesn’t tell anyone about what happens; she is silent. Banning Speak only silences more readers who lose the opportunity to see that they are not alone. Preventing people from reading about rape does not stop it from happening.

There has been an outpouring of rage on Twitter and book/author blogs. I’m glad that authors are angry and supporting Laurie Halse Anderson. It could be their books next. And I’m glad that book bloggers are showing their support because readers should be insulted when they are told that they are not smart enough to choose books for themselves or their own children.

Please read Laurie Halse Andseron’s blog post about this issue to learn more about what you can do to fight censorship. Other great posts include those by A.S. King, Cheryl Rainfield, and April of Good Books and Good Wine. I will try to keep an updated list here as I come across more. I hope that you will speak up, and speak loudly. Whether on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, or in a letter to newspapers or school officials, let your voice be heard. Banned books week is coming up and loads of people will be talking about censorship, but books are banned all year round. Make sure you are out there telling your friends and family and community that you are opposed to the censorship of ideas. Thinking can be dangerous, but ignorance is worse.

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