Review: In the Woods and The Likeness

Edgar Award Winning author Tana French’s In the Woods and The Likeness are smartly-written crime novels with a good dose of psychological thriller mixed in. Both are set in Ireland, where the author took some license with her fiction and created a homicide squad. The first book is told from the perspective of Detective Rob Ryan, a flawed and unreliable narrator who is investigating a case potentially linked to the murders of his childhood friends 20 years prior. The Likeness is the story of Ryan’s partner from In the Woods, Cassie Maddox, who goes undercover as a murdered graduate student who looked just like her.

French’s stories are suspenseful and gripping, but more than that, her writing is impeccable. Her lyrical use of language would have convinced me to read a book on just about anything! I read these slowly, which is quite a feat for me, but I wanted to savor every word down to the last.

I am looking forward to the release of Tana French’s third book, Faithful Place, which will come out in July.


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  • Two of the most amazing books. She draws you into the characters, the visual imagery is wonderful and her use of language fabulous.

    1 Judy said this (April 11, 2010 at 2:24 PM)