Linger Trailer

I have mentioned before that I think Maggie Stiefvater is some sort of super human with preternatural artistic, writing, and musical abilities. Now that she has released her new stop-motion animation trailer, I am sure of it.

As I have also previously discussed, I have issues with series. I am really bad at waiting for new books. Linger, the sequel to Stiefvater’s first Wolves of Mercy Falls book Shiver, is coming out soon. The waiting only got more difficult after watching the amazing trailer:

This is the trailer made previously for Shiver:

If you watch this and are as mystified by it as I was, you can read several “making of” posts that explain the process of putting together a stop-motion animation trailer. It seems to involve a ton of cutting, rubber cementing, photo editing, and also possibly a little bit of magic because I still don’t think I could ever do such a thing. Over 60 hours of work went into the making of this trailer, and it shows!

Part 1: Making of the Linger Trailer

Part 2: Making of the Linger Trailer

Part 3: Making of the Linger Trailer

Part 4: Making of the Linger Trailer

If you are willing to spread your love for this trailer around the world, you can win some amazing prizes. Maggie Stiefvater is giving away a necklace, an ARC, a dust-jacket, and a frame from the Shiver trailer. For contest details, visit Stiefvater’s site: Linger Contest.


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