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  • An article that suggests reading on eReaders is slower than reading actual books: Reading a Book on an iPad or Kindle? It May Take Longer. The research sample size is quite small, though, and many commenters argued that they read faster on eReaders. I haven’t used my Nook long enough to be sure quite yet. What do you think?
  • A great blog post from Kiersten White about YA paranormal romance: You Can’t Kill the Undead. The whole thing is worth reading, but it boils down to this: “YA paranormal romance takes that tendency toward idolization of the Other and legitimizes it, romanticizes it, and affirms to teenagers (and adults) that yes, love is hard or even impossible, but it’s also worth it.” Are you a fan of the genre? Love it or hate it, do you think it’s here to stay or just a fad?
  • Bookalicious has an interesting interview with Elizabeth Scott about piracy and eBooks in general: Thoughts on Piracy. The interview references another article about the eBook price war, which explains some of the costs that go into producing eBooks: Amazon, Macmillan, and the eBook Price War. Do you agree with the eBook pricing model? What are your thoughts on book piracy?

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