National Poetry Month Day 9: Gloria Fuertes

Today, my students and I worked on creating autobiographical poems modeled after this poem by Gloria Fuertes:

At the foot of the cathedral of Burgos
my mother was born.
At the foot of the cathedral of Madrid
my father was born.
At the foot of my mother I was born
one afternoon in the middle of Spain.
My father was a worker who came home hungry
My mother was a seamstress with a wicked needle
I wanted to take off with the circus
but I’m only what I am.
When I was little
I went to a reformatory and a free school.
As a kid I was sickly
and summered in a sanatorium.
but now I have mice that hide in my shoes.
I’ve had at least seven love affairs.
some bad daddies.
and a marvelous appetite.
Now I’ve got two minor convictions
and get plenty of kisses from time to time.

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