OMG, young adult authors turn up IRL at the Festival of Books

This weekend, I attended the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books for my first time. It was absolutely overwhelming! The number of people packed into that space makes me wonder how we could think that the book is dying. I went to four panels: Poetry without Borders, Poetic Interludes, A Conversation with John Green and David Levithan, and Teens and Turmoil.

They were all wonderful, but I admit that seeing John Green and David Levithan was a highlight of the weekend. They were just as enchanting in person as I would expect from their writing and online presence. Here’s an article from the Los Angeles Times Books section about their panel: OMG, young adult authors turn up IRL at the Festival of Books.

I am not usually into celebrities; I think people are people. Some do jobs that are more public, but I believe that they still have a right to privacy. While they should be celebrated for their good work, I think we culturally go a bit overboard. However, I admittedly turn into a bit of a fangirl in the presence of my favorite authors. This weekend gave me a chance to meet many of the people I admire, and they were all kind and generous, in addition to being immensely talented. I heard people harshly talking about some of the authors at the event, but I think that most YA authors are generous and appreciative of their fans, which makes me even prouder to support them.


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