Project for Awesome

Project for Awesome is an annual event in which YouTube is taken over by videos promoting charities. Each comment on a video is worth one penny, and liking/favoriting videos helps to spread the word. Individual video-makers are also choosing other donation goals, including some who are donating thousands of dollars if they get enough comments. Additionally, there are raffles going on all weekend and the proceeds from the raffle tickets will go directly to charity.

I know that the holiday season is pretty hard on everyone’s wallets as is, but please do whatever you can to help out this amazing event. Almost $60,000 have already been raised in the past day, and the event will continue through today, including a YouTube live show tonight from 4-8pm PST.

Watch some videos, leave comments, enter raffles, and make donations as big or little as you can afford. It’s pretty hard to watch some of these videos and not want to do at least a little something. Anything you can give this year is greatly appreciated!


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