Publishing House Logos

Over at the Dystel and Goderich Literary Management blog, Jessica wrote an interesting post about publishing house symbols. She noted that few people seem to pay much attention to who publishes the books they read, but those who do will notice that “Knopf has a sleek borzoi, Harper a torch, and Random House a rather distinctive house.”

The origins of the Random House symbol are discussed in a Los Angeles Times Article: Voltaire and the not-so-random House. Apparently the drawing of the house was commissioned for Candide, the first book published under the Random House imprint, and it stuck. The logo has been in use since 1928.

This is a fascinating bit of literary trivia! I’m sure I will find it especially useful if I ever land a spot on Jeopardy, or want to sound particularly impressive in a job interview at Random House. The latter is probably more likely.


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