Scrub a Dub Dub, Write in the Tub

I’m not generally big on product placement, but there are rare circumstances where a product is cool enough that I want to share it. I always used to do a lot of thinking in the shower–it’s one of the only quiet times when there aren’t ten different things pulling in every direction–and then promptly step out of the shower and forget every idea or to do list item that had passed through my head.

I went online and found AquaNotes, a water resistant notepad and pencil on suction cups that you can stick on your shower wall. AquaNotes aren’t the only solution; you could find a scuba diving slate that would work similarly (and there are instructions for DIY slates online if you don’t want to buy one). I have found that my notepad has stood up well over time, though, and it was a convenient way to handle the problem. The paper edges have curled a bit from water and steam, but the product still works well.

If you share a shower with somebody, AquaNotes might be a great way to leave them messages, whether of the “Have a nice day!” or the “Clean your disgusting hair out of the drain!” variety. Alternatively, you can write notes for yourself and they easily tear off so you can take them with you when you’re done with your shower.

I don’t write myself as many notes as I thought I would, but I love knowing that I have the option if I need it. For those of you working on NaNo this month, this might not be a bad way to squeeze in a few extra minutes of writing or brainstorming a day.


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