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Dear Teen Meghan

29th December 2011 | 1 Comment

Dear Teen Meghan, I admire your enthusiasm. You’re excited by the serendipity of events, and highly disappointed when things don’t go according to your hopes. Relax and take the blinders off; you’re not seeing every avenue that might be open to you. I know you wish that life could be viewed, in all its varied […]


Dear Twentysomething: Jessica from I Read to Relax

23rd December 2011 | 2 Comments

Dear Twenty-Something Me: I’m going to try to keep this short and simple. TRUST YOURSELF. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. BE YOURSELF. EMBRACE YOURSELF. Now that I’ve entered my thirties, I am much more confident in who I am and find myself WAY happier with myself! I spent way too many years doubting myself.  I spent too […]


Dear Twentysomething: Lynne Culp

22nd December 2011 | Closed

TRUST AND TWENTY COME TO THE PARTY! TRUST: Whoa, watch it chump…I don’t like drinks spilled …Oh, you’re a kid and…whoops… female. Sorry, ma’am. I forgot my manners for a minute. It is loud in here. My name is Trust, and you are….? Oh, you’re Twenty. Nice to meet ya. Whew, at last they put […]


Dear Twentysomething: Judy Goodman

20th December 2011 | Closed

Dear twentysomething me, Who knew that at age 52 I would be tackling two new areas in my life. They have given me a new perspective that I think would help you out. As you remember, my dad started me baking a bit of bread when I was nine from some kits they carried at […]


Dear Twentysomething: Jennifer from The Beauty of Eclecticism

15th December 2011 | Closed

Hello, Jennifer. If you could actually read this, you would no doubt believe it was sent by the Devil to mislead you. Trust me, your current religious affiliation is only one of the many things that are going to change for the better in the next 15 years. Eastern Orthodox Christianity is what you’ve been […]