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Collaborative Review: Every You, Every Me

6th October 2011 | 1 Comment

David Levithan’s newest book, Every You, Every Me, is a collaborative work with photographer Jonathan Farmer. In the spirit of collaboration, I read and reviewed this book with Isaiah Vianese in a series of email exchanges. Melanie, I just finished Every You, Every Me. My feelings about the book are mixed, so I thought I […]


Review: Compulsion

23rd April 2011 | 5 Comments

I’m always eager to pick up books about mental illness, but I’m also a skeptical reader. It’s extremely important to me that mental illness is portrayed well; I hate to see anything that will add to the stigma, and I’m particularly annoyed by fiction that shows a lack of attention to research and detail or […]


Review: Through Her Eyes

20th April 2011 | 5 Comments

Tansy Piper’s mother writes horror novels, and each must be written in the place in which it is set. Tansy is a reluctant nomad, forced around the country according to her mother’s writing needs. Her newest home is in a small Texas town where her grandfather grew up. Lucky for her mother, the house they […]


Review: Stay

7th April 2011 | 4 Comments

When Clara and Christian meet at a basketball game, they have instant chemistry. Things progress quickly, and soon they are spending almost all their time either with each other or talking to each other. It doesn’t take long, though, before Christian’s love turns into obsession, and what once was a fun high school relationship takes […]


Review: Father of Lies

4th December 2010 | Closed

It’s 1692 in Salem, MA and young girls are starting to have fits of hallucinations and sickness. They blame their maladies on witches, and it turns into a mass hysteria. The time, setting, and names will be familiar to anyone who has read about the Salem Witch Trials. Within this historical period, though, is a […]