Top 10 Writers Who Inspired Jo Knowles

Many thanks to Jo Knowles for stopping by to share the top 10 writers who have inspired her. Keep an eye out for a review of her upcoming book, Pearl, this weekend.

It’s funny because I was going to explain why each of these people inspired me, but it struck me that they all share the same reason. I think I am especially drawn to writers who write with a sense of rawness. It’s almost as though their eyes are trained on the ugly, the dirty, the pieces of life that hurt us, but also make us human. There is a certain amount of bravery required to do that, and I think these authors are among the bravest of the brave:

1. Robert Cormier

2. Margo Lanagan

3. Marcus Zusak

4. K.L. Going

5. Chris Lynch

6. Alice McDermott

7. Adam Rapp

8. Lauren Myracle

9. John Irving

10. E.R. Frank


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