Tune in Tuesday (1)

Tune in Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by GReads in which bloggers share some of their favorite music.

I’ve been resisting participating in this one because I’m a little self-conscious about my music choices. (Some of my friends are music snobs. I think it’s safe to say this because they know it, too.) However, it’s fun checking out what other people are listening to and stumbling upon some new bands that I’m not familiar with. Plus, how can you not want to participate in a feature called TIT? I mean, really, it’s funny every time if you are like me and have the mind of a 12 year old boy.

I find a lot of my music through TV shows. This first pick is no exception. I heard “Cathedrals” by Jump, Little Children at the end of Season One of Everwood and fell in love with it. I like a lot of their music now, but this song especially is the one I listen to at full blast on repeat when I’m having a rough day.

What are you listening to this week?


2 Responses to "Tune in Tuesday (1)"

  • First, never be ashamed of your music tastes. If your friends don’t like it, show them where to go stick it!

    Second, I like this song. He has a really nice voice 🙂

    1 Cyndi said this (May 17, 2011 at 2:21 PM)

  • So glad you decided to participate. You will find no music snobs here (well I don’t think so), everyone seems to be pretty open. My music taste suffers from ADHD so I love hearing new stuff. I can’t wait to see what types of music you post. This song is great. I have now added this band to my “Music to check out” list!

    2 Katelyn said this (May 17, 2011 at 3:45 PM)