Unlikeable Female Protagonists

Courtney Summers wrote a brilliant blog post on the importance of likability when it comes to female protagonists: On Unlikeable Female Protagonists. She discusses whether female characters should have to be “likeable” in order for the book to be enjoyed, and whether we treat female MCs harder than male ones. It’s a really thought provoking piece, and I hope everyone will read it.

Summers sums up her ideas by referencing a wonderful quote from comedian Louis CK: “Well, I think ‘likability’ is an overused word. I don’t watch people ’cause I like them; I watch them because they’re compelling. Sympathetic is a little different. It’s like I understand this person, and I never know quite what they’re going to do and I’m really interested in what they might do next and they feel real to me. That’s, I think, way more valuable than likable. Likable just thins you out…


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