Unofficial Readathon Day

I have found myself with a vacation day from work, a cancellation of travel plans, and a lot of rain. It’s basically the perfect day to curl up and read a lot of books. I’m having an unofficial readathon, and I’ll be keeping track of my progress throughout the day in this post. I hope a few people who also have a couple extra hours of free time will join me. (If so, let me know!) If it goes well, I might do this again Friday or on the weekend, but for today, this is starting now and lasting until I pass out, with a break for Survivor and American Horror Story. Hopefully I’ll get a little closer to my reading goal for the year, try some great older titles that have been sitting on my shelf too long, and have a good time. Happy reading to anyone who joins in!

Books Completed

  • Paper Covers Rock by Jenny Hubbard: I thought this would be a quick books–it’s very short–but it demanded savoring. I love a lot of boarding school books, but this one ranks as one of the best I’ve come across. It also makes me want to give A Separate Peace another shot since I haven’t read it since high school when, let’s be honest, I didn’t read it all that carefully. I’m going to have to do a better job of picking a quick book for the next one, but I’m so glad I finally read this.
  • Nothing by Robin Friedman: Interesting, brief look at male bulimia and the dangers of pressure on teens.
  • Pretty Face by Mary Hogan: I had to read much of this one with a little tiny book light (thanks to my BBC gift bag–otherwise I wouldn’t have one at all) because the power went out. It was a lovely book about body image and it has made me very ready for a nice trip to Italy. Or some Italian food and wine.
  • Crush edited by Andrea Richesin: Finished this anthology of authors’ stories of first love the next day, but I’ll count it anyhow. Fun, nostalgic, awkward short story collection that I would definitely recommend.

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