Unread Books

An article I just read about the joy of unread books made me feel a million times better about myself. Check out Confined by Pages: The Joy of Unread Books.

I love having a variety of books to choose from depending on my mood or interests or available time. I accumulate a lot of books that I know I don’t quite have time to read, but sound too good to pass up. I can relate when the author of this article says, “I take comfort in knowing that I will have appropriate reading material whatever my mood, that I will be spoiled for choice whenever I want a book, and that I will never, ever run out of new stories.” On the other hand, I do not have 800 unread books sitting around, as the author does. 800. I cannot even fathom where I would store that many books, though I wish I could. It strikes me as a bit excessive, but given the 300 titles on my wish list right now, I’m not one to judge. I feel so much better about my own book buying addiction now.


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  • I have about 70 unread books laying around and I know that feeling as well! I have this addition to buying books and I try to tell myself “it will be here next week, you do not have to buy it the day it publishes!” That doesn’t always work, but I am getting better at it since I need to save money since my husband was just laid off.

    But I also love having my own “bookstore” in my house so that I can browse the books on my shelf (er, on the floor in a pile) and pick something to suit my mood!

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  • And – oh my gosh! I love the comment border when I posted my comment! So esthetically pleasing! (So much in fact that it merits this second comment!)

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