Weimaraner Wednesdays (11)

A few pictures from our recent hikes:

And what the pups generally look like after a hike:


One Response to "Weimaraner Wednesdays (11)"

  • So, random question. That blanket that the pups are lying on in the last picture? Is that your bed? If so, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BLANKET. Because I’ve had mine for a trillion years and it’s been washed so many times it looks awful and is not soft anymore and it makes me weepy because I love the feeling of that blanket so much. Now I bunch it up and put it behind my head because it’s not comfortable and feels like egg crate.

    And I really need another one but because I bought mine 10 years ago, I’m having trouble finding a replacement with that same texture. I’ve looked at Target and Walmart and couldn’t find them there.

    1 Capillya said this (September 7, 2011 at 12:38 PM)